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Luigi Lombardo

Italian Painter


Luigi Lombardo was born in Calabria in 1972 where he lives and works.
Undeniably, our life is made of waiting, mostly disregarded, in a pun dramatically realistic. Who among us does not expect, sometimes hoping too, that something decisive happens, miraculous and enlightening for their lives?

This same expectation, if you think about it carefully, it is a great opportunity, a time that can generate unexpected resources, even shameful, because clash with what you are given as horizon or outcome of its existence and implications with results not covered. Suddenly everything can change, never stopping, but mutate generating faces, meetings, roads and different objectives.
In the life of an artist, the wait blends in a decisive and intense with a question, which does not necessarily have to have an answer, but rather a need for motion expressive, personal and responsive, that abstraction, even if partially, from reality at the same time it calls for it in a strong way.

And if the artist, with his sensitivity, captures this expectation and this demand, which pervades all of us, the outcome is what suggests sharply and silently Luigi Lombardo in his paintings, real meditations on the contingency of those days that engulf all of us in the doldrums forced and reflections of consciousness in which one can not escape.

Lombardo says, giving a hint Clues to the reading of his works, that the “flat backgrounds and lack of perspective must defer to the current meager social period in which we live, where the individual, the focal subject, remains the only thing to which start “.
The occasion for this to stop and reflect on the root that caused the wait and the metamorphosis of a reality, today, perhaps too loved as virtual, but that materialized immobilizes and imposes, critically, a reflection in the first place and then a choice reaction.

The figures of our artist are firm, intent on meditating or attracted to something that is out of space to quotas of the canvas, in a contemplated looking for something, maybe an answer, certainly with a question. Like the one put lovers of “Flowery field” and “Ahead of a rose”, answer perhaps found themselves, until you generate ask until you get to the question.
In the works of Lombardo emerges with interest the theme of children and adolescents, as demonstrated by the works “Life ahead”, the “trampoline”, “Games Maghreb”, carefree innocent subjects recalling the age of each of us, time and place where the expectations were unconscious and immediate, cloaked in simplicity and unconsciousness, limited to poor objects for happiness.

In these works we perceive an echo of overwhelming nostalgia for those days free from thoughts and obligations to the world, when the demand on fulfillment of ourselves was still asleep and not foreshadowed the piercing scream of maturity and responsibility. Light, another element to consider very carefully the work of Lombardo, opens in these works, as in the other, to a new world, can, where that question upon himself, perhaps, can have tension and concrete answers. There aren’t projections of his ego gloomy omens or gloomy atmosphere, rather pauses for reflection, as in “Daisy”, “Memories” and “Dreamy”.

The painting “What’s done is done,” despite the subject may seem dramatic, tells of a decisive moment, a decision, a conscious act that reduces still bent upon himself the man, but that is took a moment before his feet. In this canvas, indispensable in the path of Lombard, you can summarize the decisive moment of the crisis. We are faced with the decision to a choice, painful but necessary, only existential strategy to emerge, rise, hope.
The bright colors, the compositional skill and tension of the subjects subtly evoked are the elements that characterize the paintings of Lombardo, who with talent and thoughtful proposition has challenged their own destiny, not without difficulty, with an alternative proposal as to suggest to himself and to the context in which they live. Courageously.

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