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Naples - Modigliani: Les Femmes – A new amazing event

For the centennial of the death of the great artist from Livorno (1920-2020), the Amedeo Modigliani Institute presents the first selection of highly valuable works never before represented or organized, on the entire artistic production of Modigliani, entitled: “Les Femmes”, prepared entirely with the help of modern technology.


May 22nd - August 9th


The exhibition presents 50 works of art by Amedeo Modigliani, of which the Institute owns the rights to use, reproduce in HD digital with absolute respect to the actual size and color of the originals.

To historically enrich and contextualize the exhibition, over 90 old photographs and documents, many unpublished are relative to the life of the great Italian artist. A technological trousseau of videos, films, animations located in

Apps will help make the exhibition an extraordinary event of communication and cultural divulgation, reaching the general public with new methods of experimental fruition applied to cultural assets.

More than 50 backlighted paintings reproductions

Each digitized painting has been reproduced on a special backlighted film in its original format and in a very high quality, with a resolution up to 1200 dpi. The film has been inserted into a special panel with a 10 mm thickness, homogeneously lighted.

The photos of the paintings have been provided in digital format and in the required resolution directly from the Museums and the owners of the works, under payment of the license for their use in the category of “art exhibitions”.

All pictures are certified for compliance with the colour fidelity respect to the original painting.

The work is placed on the front of black panels. Each panel will have a maximum thickness of 1,5 cm and a size of 250 x 200 cm and has a floor base that ensures stability.

The electric cables for the illumination of the works are allocated inside the panel.

140 iconographic documents coming from the Legal Archives of Amedeo Modigliani.

The use of the Archives takes place in three different ways:

− 40 documents and photos, animated with the innovative technique of “video compositing”, and reproduced on one or more 40”/50” Full HD TV sets.

These TV devices are connected to a Blue Ray player and played in loop mode;

− 100 iconographic documents (photos, letters, postcards, documents) coming from the Modigliani Legal Archives, placed near paintings on special panels and explained and commented by texts in different languages.

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