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Liu Yiyuan: truth in Painting - Solo Exhibition in Colmar

Amalart lands for the first time to France

Nestled among vineyards, its traditional houses, canals, floral displays, amazing cuisine, famous wines and charming accommodation make Colmar an outstanding microcosm of Alsace – showcasing its lifestyle, conviviality and hospitality – the key features of its unique, exceptional welcome.

Art, natural history and contemporary art are the areas of human knowledge and practice that Colmar streets cover. For this reason, in cooperation with Art & Contest 101 Gallery, after the success of "Colors of China" Amalart is honored to present the solo Exhibition:

Truth in Painting

Liu Yiyuan

Opening January, 31st

Liu Yiyuan is professor of Chinese Painting Department of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts and member of Wuhan City Research Institute of Culture and History.

Traditional Chinese pen and ink language symbols of great historical and cultural significance and independent aesthetic values that are quite suitable for painting.

Improve the “Expression” and innovate the “ideas”, directly express the idea of Liu in the rhythm of pen and ink movements – this is how he feels and thinks when he’s painting.

Below the photos of his works, waiting the opening...

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