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Dialogue with modern technology

Amalart...welcome to Wuhan!

Full of dynamism and vitality, today's Wuhan is witnessing a rapid economic and social development, dazzling changes in urban construction and improving livelihood of the people and also on the way to become an incredibly prosperous, vigorous and promising city.

One Space Art Gallery is located in the "Creative Art Space", one of thee largest artist communities in Central China.

In the last years, the Gallery is committed to promoting the development of contemporary art and the communication between young artists in the fields of visual arts, design, multimedia, music and other creative genres.

One Space Art Gallery invited Amalart to organize the Collective Exhibition

Dialogue with modern technology - Stefania Pinsone & Vito Carta

May 10th - June 10th 2017



(Video of the opening)

With a degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and another in Art History from the University of Rome, Stefania Pinsone is a skilled artist who has developed her own unique style of digital realistic painting.

Using acrylic paints with a fine brush and juxtaposing intense colors with geometric lines, she is able to reproduce her chosen subject with photographic expertise.

Below the photos of the exhibited artworks of Stefania

Born in 1957 in Milan, Vito Carta lives in a village on the Piacenza hills.

The need for ever greater expressiveness ‘communication is conveyed in thematic style of lability‘ image and reality, always seen as autobiographical memory, and in that of content, ideally contrasted, throughout time exasperation ‘ violent ‘emotionality‘.

Below the photos of the exhibited artworks of Vito

Curator of the art event is Prof. Zhou Feng

Professor and dean of the School of Arts and Design

Member of the design committee of China Packaging Federation

Member of the Hubei Youth Association

Member of Hubei Packaging Technology Association

Executive member of Hubei Science and Fine Arts Association

Art Magazine Editor in Chief.

The photo of the opening n the next weeks

Stay tuned

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