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ARTISTS Art Trasform - Lee Feng at Istanbul Art Fair (Turkey)

First exhibition for Amalart in Turkey!

Istanbul has been home to different civilizations and cultures over the ages and has preserved its cosmopolitan and metropolitan structure that has been home to people of different faiths, languages and ethnicities. As the hope chest of civilizations, Istanbul is the capital of the world, in a sense; it is a city that connects Asia and Europe. As one of the most energetic cities in the world Istanbul continually gets to be an attraction center, along with becoming one of the biggest center for contemporary art.

International Istanbul Art Fair is a 9 day event being held from:

4th November to the 12th November 2017

Tuyap Fair & Congress Center

Istanbul (Turkey)

Amalart is honored to attend the Fair, exhibiting a selection of Lee FENG paintings.


The 2017 edition of the fair will include artworks from both established and emerging galleries, bringing a regional and international focus to the dynamic contemporary art scene in Istanbul. Notable for its unique position both geographically and culturally, “Artists” prides itself on bringing together galleries, artists and collectors from Turkey, the Caucasus, the Black Sea, Russia and the Middle East, as well as from Europe, America and Asia.

Take a look on the photos of the pass editions



ARTİST 2017 / 27th İstanbul Art Fair


04 - 12 November 2017


  • Weekend : 10.00-20.00

  • Weekdays : 10.00-19.00

  • (*November 12 : 10.00-19.00)


Tüyap Fuar ve Kongre Merkezi, Büyükçekmece - İstanbul


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