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ART HUBEI FESTIVAL, Wuhan (China) - Collective Exhibition

Amalart, is proud to announce the participation at:


November 2017

Wanlin Art Museum (万林艺术博物馆) - Wuhan (China)

The arts festival is hosted by Hubei provincial government, supported by Art Department of the Ministry of Culture and organized by Hubei Provincial Cultural Department.

The event is the comprehensive arts gala of professionalism featured with the largest scale and the highest level in Hubei Province: the arts festival presented excellent plays, fine arts exhibition and several mass literature and art performance, covering cities from Hubei. The various performances attracted more than 200,000 audience and 3,000,000 netizens in 2016.


Wanli Art Museum of Wuhan University is donated by Chen Dongsheng, chairman of Taikang Life, and designed by Zhu Pei, a famous architect specializes in museums.

Located in the center of Wuhan University, Wanli Art Museum occupies an area of 8410.3 square meters, with three floors above ground and one underground, and nearly 50 percent of building area was underground.

As known, the museum ranks NO.1 in China in terms of degree of difficulty in construction. With a total length of 78 meters, the building has an overhang of 48 meters. It looks that more than half of the whole architecture is hanging in the air, creating a fantastic impression.

Below some photos of the opening.


Hubei Province is located at the central part of the People's Republic of China, with short title of 'e'. It is rich in agriculture, forestry and hydropower resources. Agriculture and fishery are well developed in Hubei, with such main products like paddy rice, wheat, ramie, cotton, silk, tea, orange, fish, and vegetable oil, the outputs of which are among the top of the country. Its main industries include iron and steel, machinery, power and automobile. Its capital city is Wuhan.


See you next year!

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