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Modigliani Experience in Palermo (Sicily)


For the centennial of the death of the great artist from Livorno (1920-2020), Amalart presents the first selection of highly valuable works never before represented or organized, on the entire artistic production of Modigliani, entitled: “Les Femmes Multimedia Experience", prepared entirely with the help of modern technology.

The exhibition presents 50 works of art by Amedeo Modigliani, of which the Institute owns the rights to use, reproduce in HD digital with absolute respect to the actual size and color of the originals.

To historically enrich and contextualize the exhibition, over 90 old photographs and documents, many unpublished are relative to the life of the great Italian artist.

A technological trousseau of videos, films, animations will help make the exhibition an extraordinary event of communication and cultural divulgation, reaching the general public with new methods of experimental fruition applied to cultural assets.


The second stage of the Sicilian tour is in Palermo, during the celebration of “Palermo as Italian capital Culture”.

Palermo is a multiethnic mosaic that expresses the beauty in the mix of different cultures.The cultural richness and beauty of Palermo issue from its thousand souls, effect of dominations, arrivals and departures, hospitality and interrelations. Its atmosphere, language, monuments, cuisine and urban fabric, all bear witness to this.

Palermo, Italian Capital of Culture, is a capital of Cultures, artistic culture and others, not only a full calendar of events but a vision that sees culture as a “capital” around which the entire community will grow.

One of the events planned in Palermo is Les Femmes Modigliani Experience, organized at Bonocore Palace, one of the most historic districts of Palermo, situated in the monumental Piazza Pretoria, together with the Town Hall, the church of Santa Caterina (1566-1596) and Bordonaro Palace (16th century).

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