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Modigliani Experience lands in Sicily (Taormina)


For the centennial of the death of the great artist from Livorno (1920-2020), Amalart presents the first selection of highly valuable works never before represented or organized, on the entire artistic production of Modigliani, entitled: “Les Femmes Multimedia Experience", prepared entirely with the help of modern technology.

The exhibition presents 50 works of art by Amedeo Modigliani, of which the Institute owns the rights to use, reproduce in HD digital with absolute respect to the actual size and color of the originals.

To historically enrich and contextualize the exhibition, over 90 old photographs and documents, many unpublished are relative to the life of the great Italian artist.

A technological trousseau of videos, films, animations will help make the exhibition an extraordinary event of communication and cultural divulgation, reaching the general public with new methods of experimental fruition applied to cultural assets.


The first stage of the Sicilian tour is in Taormina: one of Italy's most historic holiday resorts, Taormina is a picturesque small town perched on a slope high above the Ionian Sea on the eastern coast of Sicily. A popular and fashionable destination for well over a century, Taormina's hotels and restaurants are very experienced at welcoming foreign tourists.

By the end of the 19th century this picturesque and ancient town was already on the tourist trail, with famous visitors including Oscar Wilde, Richard Wagner and Tsar Nicholas II. Over the last decades travellers have come for the views, the ancient ruins, the seaside, the town's film festival, an outdoor theatre season, the fine hotels and more.

A classy honeymoon destination or a cheap and cheerful excursion from a cruise ship, Taormina has a lot to offer all kinds of visitor. As a consequence, of course, this small town is sometimes so crowded it can feel like a victim of its own success.

The event is organized at Palazzo Corvaja, a medieval palace dating from the 10th century. It was principally built at the end of the 14th century and is named after one of the oldest and most famous families of Taormina which owned it from 1538 to 1945.

The palace is in the Center in Taormina and is used as an exhibition centre, as the Modigliani Experience

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