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Gilding monologue - Solo Exhibition of Pahsi Lin (Villa Reale - Monza, Italy)

Amalart is proud to annunce that, one year after the HO KAN retrospective. Beyond Colors and Shapes, the Villa Reale of Monza hosts the exhibition

Gilding Monologue

8-23 June 2019

PAHSI LI (Taiwanese artist)

About 50 works, paintings and some sculptures made in recent years, will be set up in the beautiful rooms of the first Noble Floor of the Villa, according to a path designed by Stefano Soddu, a writer and artist.

Pahsi Lin (Kaohsung Pingtung-Taiwan, 1960) is a painter and sculptor of great quality whose work casts a bridge between the eastern and western spirit. His paintings present an in-depth knowledge of Western abstract art, also learned thanks to the works of masters belonging to previous generations, such as Ho Kan, and at the same time lead back to the culture of that world to which the artist belongs. In fact, his abstract painting is often enriched with refined citations of traditional artifacts, such as the precious and famous porcelain, and by constant references to ancient and contemporary Chinese art.

His way of painting today demonstrates a careful use of Western pictorial technique, but also a closeness to the works of famous contemporary Chinese artists, such as Zhang Daqian (1899-1983) and Zao Wou-ki (1921-2013), for the role crucial that the color had in their art.

Pahsi Lin is an artist with a wild and passionate personality. His painting belongs to the maximalist part of the contemporary art world. Like Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Walasse Ting and Hsiao Chin, his works reflect the desire and passion for life. A last but not least important element that characterizes the works of Pahsi Lin is the wise and refined use of gold, also a witness to an ancient art that resurfaces and is never forgotten. This metallic pigment is not seen as a symbol of wealth or witness of what the human desires, but it is only "self". Although its use may seem decorative and mundane, combined with the artist's penetrative ability, it creates unexpected "reactions to beauty" - as defined by Lin himself - revealing numerous and unexpected varieties.

Great success during the opening, as we can see in the following photos:


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