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Liu Yiyuan

Chinese Painter


Liu Yiyuan, born in Wuhan in July 1942, is professor of Chinese Painting Department of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts and member of  Wuhan City Research Institute of Culture and History.

He started to paint Chinese Traditional pictures as his career in his 17. In 1979, he was admitted to major in Chinese Painting of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts for a master’s degree. After graduation, he stayed in the institute to teach landscape painting and flower-bird painting and devoted to exploration and study of modern water ink art. Now he is dedicated to the water ink works of “Mental Imagery Landscape”

Chinese impressionistic painting is of strong expressiveness and usually expresses in a free and smart manner. The release and outpouring of ideas and emotions as well as creation of maneuver and changes will all be recorded on the unique painting

Material faithfully by means of impressionistic painting – on the rice paper. Impressionistic painting is also connected to Chinese pen and ink. Without good knowledge about pen and ink, impressionistic painting can hardly reach a high level or achieve a great depth. Traditional Chinese pen and ink language symbols of great historical and cultural significance and independent aesthetic values that are quite suitable for painting. This is a precious resource that Liu Yiyuan loves so much.

He wants to make use of this resource and integrate it into his ideas and create an expressive painting of strong impressionistic spirit.

Improve the “Expression” and innovate the “ideas”, directly express the idea of Liu in the rhythm of pen and ink movements – this is how he feels and thinks when he’s painting.

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