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Seul (Korea)

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Art Collage JANG is a culture and arts complex in Seoul, South Korea.

It is founded in 2014 and it offers various culture and art courses and programs for music, art, movies, ballet, musical, opera, wine, coffee and more.


The business areas of Art Collage JANG are:


1. Culture and Arts Lectures

2. Culture and Arts Events

3. Sales

1) Paintings

- South Korean Contemporary Artists

- International Contemporary Artists

- Masterpieces

2) Vinyl Records/CD/DVD

3) Books

4) Posters

5) Accessories


As of 9th of August, 2017, main list of culture and arts programs of Art Collage JANG is:


1. Seungyong CHANG's Music Lectures

2. A Night with Music and Wine

3. The Story of Immortal Artists with LP Records

4. The Great and Immortal Painters' Stories

5. Ballet Lectures with Commentary

6. Musical Lectures with Commentary

7. Looking for Worldwide Famous Artists

8. World Music Journey

9. Interesting Wine Story

10. Interesting Coffee Story

11. Looking for Worldwide Famous Music Cities

12. Interesting Western Art History

13. Interesting Stories about Great Painter's Paintings

14. Culture and Arts Journey with History

15. Interesting Painter vs. Painter Stories


Art Collage JANG is working with worldwide artists as partners and continuously partnering with worldwide galleries as branches of Art Collage JANG

From 2017, Amalart  is officially a branch of Art Collage JANG in Italy.

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