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Milan (Italy)

- Showroom -


Opened in October 2009, the 5 Star Boscolo Milano is the seventh example of restoration of a historical building carried out by the Boscolo Group, and the first large ‘permanent installation’ of Expo 2015, created by the Milanese architect Italo Rota.

The facade and original curved architecture have been retained almost in their entirety from the old building of the Imi Bank. The luxurious rooms inside reflect this shape. The elements comprising the screen paintings are a rich metaphor of expressive cultural and historical references. The whole effect is that of displaying a changed relationship between man and space, and is perfect for hotel meeting, socialization and artistic communication.

Starting May 1 the Universal Exposition Expo Milano 2015 there was the major event in Italy for the 2015, up to 31st October with over 20 million visitors.
Amalart organized at the luxury hotel Boscolo Milano a amazing exhibitions.

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