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Gino Tonello

Italian Painter


Gino Tonello was born in May 1961 in the province of Padua where he studied and graduated at the School of Arts of Cittadella.

Even if controversial, his attachment to the territory he comes from, the countryside and nature was strong enough to inspire his first works and stylistic researches.

During the ‘80s he devoted himself to portraits and studied human figure, orientating his research towards a more psychological representation and a more interiorized vision of reality.

In the early ‘90s he tried glass painting and experimented various styles: from hyperrealism to Pop Art, from assemblage and graphic work to inserting the light inside the painting. This continuous experimentation led him to work with matter and, therefore, to get closer to the 1900s avant-garde movements. His new expressive technique was, and still is, made of layers and labyrinths, of geometrical elements and traces of matter that is modified and controlled in order to achieve a three-dimensional evocative and symbolic painting. His inescapable need of challenging himself led him to try new forms of art, like sculpture, cinematography, theatre and poetry.

His performances “Traces”, “Life” and “Dreams, needs and other virtues” are live shows where art is celebrated in its entirety, involving the audience in an itinerary through introspection and self-analysis.

He lives and works in San Giorgio in Bosco, a town in the province of Padua.

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