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Aldo Flecchia

Italian Sculptor


Aldo Flecchia was born in Biella in 1945.

In Flecchia’s sculptures the presence of ideas counts ever more than man; his needs in relation to the world, reality, assume the greatest importance and are transformed into shapes of plastic art in the hardest material, rendered docile in its peremptory tridimensionality.

For Aldo Flecchia sculpture is torment.

In front of complexity of his works, we can also talk of affective implosions, of escape within ourselves, in that amniotic sea from which we come.

The weight of the material, the fatigue of performing after the project, a real fight of his own, an exalting wager, full of risk. Aldo does not sculpt marble, stone or granite, but passions: love, brotherhood, hate; in a word, feelings. To give these pulsions a shape is his artworks. To give them duration, a resistance, a sense of perennial value, to make them timeless.

Aldo loves his work. He manipulates fragments of the universe, scratches petrified material with divine inspiration; sculptures it, models it, gives it a new form, a new experience after light years of life in the cosmic silence.

Sensuality in Flecchia is obvious, fated in a large part of his sculptural propositions. This sensuality, however, tends to exalt the most spiritual moments of love in which life affirms domineeringly, with primordial strength, its own rights whether it is that of human beings or animals. Nothing like the tormented manipulation of stone renders luminous and plastically evident the volume of the spirit.

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