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Lee Feng

Chinese Painter


Art tool and paraphrases of the unsaid, the silent, the ego and the higher level transcendent peace with energy and Universe. This is the dominant thought capable of crossing language barriers, cultural, personal Feng Lee (originally Lee Wee- Ping) through his works, he wants to communicate. Silence as catharsis and regeneration within an international artistic make this an excellent artists pokes man of ancient principles of Zen balance, free from pantomime formal or self fictitious and constructed. The formal and conceptual deconstruction is however the common thread behind a soul firm, through the multi-directionality of lines and shapes gives structure to a thought that wants through the image, reach the ineffable.

Colors, brush strokes, light and shadow enter into a relationship by creating a harmonious and balanced movement, creating images permeated by an exchange of dialogue between background iconic eastern and absence of voids typically Western.

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