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Domus Aurea

Shanghai (China)

- Showroom -


Domus Aurea Collection is a furniture provider with various Italian brands, and also serves as platform which displays European furniture culture.

​The Domus Aurea Collection building is the result of careful architectural and stylistic research. It has been called  the new Coliseum in Asia.


The magic, passion and creativity of gifted Italian architects have been re-interpreted to fit the environment of a sprawling urban city.


​Located in the center of Shanghai city, with a total area of 5115 SQM in a 4-floor building, Domus Aurea showroom includes a furniture culture museum, a style-designing studio, an exhibition area, and a lounge area, which provides our customers who have a passionate love for life, arts, cultures and history with culture heritage of high quality pieces.


A has already established partner relationships with numerous furniture manufacturers with different styles, accommodating classic brands, and, from the 2015, also with Amalart.

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Domus Aurea

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