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Michel Aubery


(Principality of Monaco)


In his expressionist, fantasy art, worked mainly in stencils and acrylic paints, the artist is delivering a message, in his own personal way, about protecting these iconic creatures and the threats they face.​

Born in Monaco and of Monaco citizenship, Michel AUBERY starts drawing at the age of 9.   His first drawings made with pencil or Chinese ink represent surrealistic animals.  At a first confrontation in 1960, Jean COCTEAU is amazed by his work and imagination. 

AUBERY’s spontaneous pencil stroke encourages him to start working on complete compositions.  In 1961, at the age 15, his work is exposed at the RAUCH gallery in Monaco patronized by Princes GRACE of Monaco. 

After graduating in Fine Arts he joins the School of Nice (BEN, VIALLA, CHARVOLEN).  In 1969 He becomes art professor at the American School in Monaco.  When in 1976 the American School leaves Monaco, AUBERY starts a sports shop in the Principality.

Only in 2007 he picks up his artistic career again.  His mastership of the canvas and acrylic paint surprises many art critics.  His paintings ar

e composed of a graphical alphabet which he created himself since his childhood and of which he keeps the secret.

One either loves AUBERY or does not love him.  But his paintings leave no one indifferent.

Since 2008 AUBERY had several expositions in Monaco and its surroundings.  He also exposed in the Monaco pavilion at the 2015 World Exposition in Milan. 


In his art studio at the port of Monaco his neighbor is the Colombian painter BOTERO. 

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