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Gianpietro Cavedon

Italian Painter


Giampietro Cavedon born in 1951, lives and works in Marano Vicentino (Italy).
He started painting and exhibiting very young, there are many investments in the most important art exhibitions and many awards achieved.
He has participated in exhibitions Italian, European and international.

His works have been exhibited in Brussels, Rome, Bari, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, San Francisco, New York, Barcelona. His activity is documented in various magazines and in the historical archives of the Venice Biennale.
The work of Giampietro Cavedon show a solid structural system that at a later time is contradicted and denied.

What seems to bring us back to reality and given the phenomenal is canceled by a particular use of light and a controlled and conscious use of color.
Born particular subjects that appear as seen through a sort of kaleidoscope of changing its position in the natural colors and conventional forms, without changing totally the original structure.

No impressions from nature the purely visual and sensory experience of reality expressed by the artist through rapid brushstrokes and thick, but not the expression of a spiritual reality that is projected on pictorial imagination up to bend, or deform it, to its own subjectivity.
The works of Cavedon could be considered as the erasures, as the desire to offer a different vision, a sort of scene in negative able to involve the viewer in front of a stereotyped image would instead be stimulated to a passive use of the work.

Resulting compositions that may not belong to any real place; pure pictorial values which, by means of a struggle / symbiosis of light, color, surface, material and transparency, are an inseparable flow between what is material and what is psychic, between what is dream and what is reality, between space between what is and what is done and not done.

It’s from this argument with the matter of the painting which manifests that mysterious energy – in this case, absolutely positive – that goes beyond time and leads us out of it.
In some works the figures seem immersed in large water containers without reference space-time: does not exist a centrality, and points of view, as well as the location of a submerged object, change constantly.

The compositions of Cavedon, seem to appear in the world of dreams, but many details keep them tied to a reality that is manifested even more concrete than that usually we think we live every day.
At any time his research, his desire to get back into the game, its great visual culture have allowed him to amend the compositional schemes, to alter the medium and even to change the materials used for the realization of his work, without losing that magical unity that characterizes the consistency, not monotonous, who, militant life and reality in place, has a conception which can not detach or isolate any element of his existence as a man and artist.

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