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Sun Dawei

Chinese Painter


Sun Dawei (=Pahsi Lin) a graduate of the Central Academy of Arts and Design in Beijing, and has collected accolades from entities in Singapore, Taiwan, and mainland China.

Sun is:

Member of China Artists Association

Art Director of The Great Wall Societyof China, Society of Promotion in Cultural Exchange of Relations Across theStraits

Art Director of the “Master of theHundred Years” Art Gallery

Pahsi Lin is not the first person to make gold blend with art. He is famous for the way he describing. In his drawings, gold is no longer a symbol of property, witness and wonderland what human go for. It is just “self”, fame, and luxury. Although it seems pretentious and worldly, it is penetrative ability of the artist who keep pace with the times. He elaborates his reactions to beauty. If you relish Pahsi Lin’s series of golden creations deeply, you would discover that gold shows variousness. Majesty coexists with gentleness, but the imagery is flowing. Though it is often a feature, it still can play as a supporting role.

Pahsi Lin uses gold, mineral and ink to be the basic, and makes use of historical color more skillfully. He combines Western with internal brushwork, and gives traditional Chinese painting a whole new life. In conclusion, Pahsi Lin uses precious and historical porcelains to express what people go for!


Representative Artworks:

“Root of Victory”(oil painting)---Chosen for Nationwide Art Exhibition, obtained the ‘Award of Excellence’.This piece of artwork is now collected by The Chinese Military Museum;

 “Dawn”(Chinese painting)---Chosen forNationwide Art Exhibition. Collected by The national Art Museum of China.

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