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Stefania Pinsone

Italian Painter


With a degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and another in Art History from the University of Rome, Stefania Pinsone is a skilled artist who has developed her own unique style of digital realistic painting.


Using acrylic paints with a fine brush and juxtaposing intense colors with geometric lines, she is able to reproduce her chosen subject with photographic expertise. She has been strongly influenced by the art of Gerhard Richter, whose paintings celebrate the photographic image with all its shakes and blurs, and she pays similar homage to the digital image with its disturbances such as jpeg effects, glitches, chromatic aberrations, “like,” “play,” and loading symbols, etc.


Reproducing images taken from social media sites, dating websites and mass media, she has created a series of paintings, which are entirely made by hand and one of a kind, and yet they are wholly in dialogue with modern technology. Another field of artistic research are the digital painting and the use of new surfaces and materials: the artworks are created using software dedicated to reproduce the painting technique and then using the modern printing processes in order to create artworks using unconventional surfaces like aluminium, or, handmade painted on new materials like Plexiglas in different tones of color.


The artwork gets a completely different sense not obtainable with classical surfaces like canvas.

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