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New Delhi (India)

- Showroom -


Excedo Luxuria remains the most secretive and exclusive Haute Luxury Firm in India, recently being recognized as one of the strongest purveyor of “Haute Luxury” as a concept, where craftsmanship and exclusivity are the two most important aspects in any creation.

Excedo Luxuria Aura (customization division within Excedo Luxuria) is the ex­ elusive partner for Only Luxury Consultancy and Crystal Rock Group and offers customization for many luxury items- Cars and Car accessories , and other luxury items such as home decor.

Working with 24K Gold, Swarovski, Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires and other precious materials, to create a truly unique and investable Luxury ltem.

The new stare in New Delhi is a Showcase&Retail concept, dedicate to Haute Luxury brands.
Simply brands with limited production cycles and exquisite. Located in one of the most affluent parts of Delhi, Excedo Luxuria is a short drive away from the most prime residential areas in Delhi.
Luxury with Innate Desire is aIso in London, Moscow and New York.

In 2014, started collaborated business with Amalart for contemporary fine art and old master painting.

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