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Shanghai (China)

- Auction Company -


The fast growth of the Chinese Art market challenged auction houses in their ability to innovate. Hosane has successfully built up many new and special collecting categories, in which we are now the market leader.

In fact, Hosane is an auction company specializes in traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy, Contemporary Art, oil painting and sculpture, Chinese ceramics and works of art, gold and silver coins, postage stamps, banknotes, and paper collectibles.


Hosane has a large and stable client base in Greater China, Asia, America, and Europe. The focus for the company is on providing a platform for collectors in those regions to participate in the Chinese Art market.


In addition, Hosane has always been very interested in reaching out to the younger generation of collectors through the Internet. Starting from 2013, Online auctions are one of Hosane specialties and now is one of the most promising auction houses to combine the advantages of both platforms (traditional & online).


Starting from 2015, Amalart provides a selection of works to the online Hosane auction.

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