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Gaetano Cammarata

Italian Painter


Gaetano Cammarata was born in Sicily, Italy May 21 1980.

Elegant treasure held in such a delicate vase, just found in the ocean after a long diving. After major traveling throughout the world, he decided to reside in Milan, European capital of art and fashion. In Milan Gaetano attended the institute of decoration in the prestigeous ‘Accademia di belle Arti di Brera’ where he graduated.

Gaetano Cammarata targets his study over and above the traditional intense paint journeying throughout a vast and diverse materials as radeography, photography, paper retail, plexiglass, wax, wood. The objects are used more to bring out the history rather than to represent themselves or their form. His works bring out the living time and experience, it can be described as “art of the memory’ so close to Wunderkammer, much closer than the relic Camera. Highlight of his works are his miner-clean-linear detailed art.

“Immortality is my motivation”, says Cammarata, signing the series as “Disiecta Membra”, since based on a specific care, the fragment of all the work that appears so evidently detailed, afterwords a relic of memory of what existed and “now is gone”. The same logo speaks this, so lined and precis.

The yesterday seams to posses thethought, bringing an outstanding sensitive and mature vision.

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