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Amalart is a symbiosis between a gallery, an art marketing agency and a market place.

Through the use of new technology, AMALART represents an innovative channel for art creativity with its traditional and modern art forms.

An Italian project based on a 360° communication around the artworks, enriching the vision of the viewer and his relationship with the artworks.

All within a dedicated Amalart community. 

Our approach

Our strategy

Commercial differentiation with the management of art investment (both for the artistic community, for operators, and for end customers), based on an organizational logic rich in content (including educational and informational projects).

Innovative approach to communication and promotion of physical and on-line events, with the aim of increasing the links between the key actors in the cultural Sector of the creative industry. 


With Italian Passion.

Amalart represents and promotes art all around the world.

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