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Giuliano Grittini

Italian Painter


Giuliano Grittini was born and lives in Milan where he attended the School of Graphic Design and the studios of some important artists; working and creating artistic books, exploring the art of printing.

He has worked with artists such as: Baj, Fiume, Sassu, Guttuso, Scanavino, Tadini, Warhol, Vasarely, Rotella, and, being passionate about photography, photographed them in various phases of their work. His photographs and works have been published by: Rizzoli, Bompiani, Frassinelli, L’Espresso, Panorama, Corriere della Sera, La Stampa, and l’Unità. Besides being a printer and photographer, he expresses his creativity by making his own particular artistic journey. He has held numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has participated in national and international events such as: Festival of the Word VeneziaPoesia, Venice, 1977 photographing Alda Merini and Umberto Eco; Venice Biennale,  participating in the poetic Bunker. He has exhibited in Innsbruck, Siena, Foggia, Accadia (FG), Brescia and in 2006 in Legnano. In 2010 he participated in several group and solo projects: MARILYN la storia del mito curated by Bruno Baglivo, Gallery of the Palazzo Coveri in Florence; MARILYN arte della bellezza, curated by Carlo Occhipinti, Villa Ponti in Arona; Ultimo atto d’Amore, Alda Merini, Marilyn Monroe, Mimmo Rotella, and Giuliano Grittini, MdM Museum in Porto Cervo; ALDA MERINI - L’ anima della luce - Testimonianze at the Spazio Oberdan for the Province of Milan; in December at the Palazzo Reale in Milan he presented a series of images dedicated to Alda Merini directed by Pier Paolo Venier in the exhibition titled Ultimo atto d’Amore with Mimmo Rotella and a series of works dedicated to Marilyn. He is the author together with the director Cosimo Damiano Damato of the fi lm Una donna sul Palcoscenico about Alda Merini with poems performed by Mariangela Melato, presented at the Venice Film Festival. His books include: È già difficile vivere una volta, figuriamoci molte volte with a preface by Carlo Franza (with Alda Merini, CLON - ART, 1997); and Ringrazio sempre chi mi dà ragione (with Alda Merini, Alternative Press, 1997). In 2011, he held a solo exhibition in Ravenna at the Church of San Domenico.


In 2011/2012 he presented Marilyn life, Castello Pozzi, Milan; in 2013 Aston Martin Story, miti e ... at Il Sole 24h, Milan; Atto d’Amore in London, First Solo Exhibition and Cara Alda, un ricordo di Alda Merini tra immagini e carta stampata, at the Spazio Oberdan in Milan. In 2014, he participated in Omaggio a Basquiat e Haring at the MdM Museum in Porto Cervo, in the Sorella Marilyn collective at Città di Castello and Alda Merini diva in Sesto Fiorentino; and was present in the Amstel Art collective in Hong Kong. Finally, in 2014/2015 he held a personal exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, in preparation for the grand show Genio e Poesia for Expo 2015.

He collaborates with Corriere della Sera, one of the most important italian newspapers.

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