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Vito Carta

Italian Digital Painter & Painter


Born in 1957 in Milan, he lives in a village on the Piacenza hills.

Freelance photographer professional.

Constantly and willingly to the edge of the speech ‘ production ‘ of photographer, because of personal inspiration and artistic needs,  in 1995, take the way to artistic exposing his first exhibition at the Art Center Jobs in Milan.

Following focuses attention to the construction of a more direct dialogue possible and spontaneous with the viewer of his images. Not mired in the vast horizons of the new digital possibilities, without rejecting the technology, but turning to the study of painting for a better communication, chooses the path of a merger synthetic founded on the necessary and vital practical manual expressive, never abandon or disown the matrix of an art world that was born photography even before become real.

The need for ever greater expressiveness ‘ communication is conveyed in thematic style of lability ‘ image and reality, always seen as autobiographical memory, and in that of content, ideally contrasted, throughout time exasperation ‘ violent ‘ emotionality ‘.

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