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Guido Mori Ubaldini

Italian Digital Painter & Sculptor


Guido Mori Ubaldini wasborn in Livorno in 1973.

He studied in Rome drawing with Maestro Radpour Dariush and then in Pietrasanta and in Livorno he studiedsculpture with Maestro Roberta Giovannini Onniboni and Costantino Giannetti.

At the same time, from 1988, he studied kung fu ( Wing Tzun style), and then Chi Kung, after which he devoted himself to meditation and the search for harmony.Terracotta, amongst the various artistic expressions, is perhaps the only one which involves the five basic elements of Nature: earth, water, air, fire and… spirit.

Through his art, vases, lamps, boxes and other decorative objects, Guido wants to make sure that this very ancient art, known to all peoples, can find a place in people’s homes, as decoration and to recall our common origins.When the latest technology meets the light, his works on canvass, paper, cotton or photographic paper come to life. His paintings and prints, which are single examples or limited series, will come with a certificate which guarantees the quality and the duration according to the modern digitografia.

He also received a diploma of typography and printing of works of art.

As the famous poet said:” There are more things between Heaven and Earth… ”

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