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Massimo Pennacchini

Italian Painter


Massimo Pennacchini was born in Velletri (Rome) in 1960. He starts to paint in the 80's, then he takes part in innumerable painting contests, achieving success both with public and critics. He experiments with different techniques, from the watercolour to the acrylic, to the colour flat drafting on material surfaces, on wood, on canvas and on other materials.

During the following years, he's called to perform great mural paintings in Italy and inside churches. Afterwards, he comes to the oil painting and to the figurative shapes, his painting's cyclic, from the interior-exterior representations, to the figure, to the nearly maniacal description of the world of tango.

In 1998, he works together with the Diners Club Italia on the calendar illustration. In the same year, he's called to represent Italy in Offenbach (D), where he's asked to publish the 1999 calendar from the electric company (EVO).

He takes part to several exhibitions such as: xxx Biennale Nazionale d'arte città di Milano, Art Fair London, Expoarte Bari, London Italy Art, "Pane e vino" by Carlo Fabrizio Carli (2000), "Un mondo di immagini per chi immagina il mondo" by Massimo Duranti" (2003) and "Nuovo surrealismo visionario e fantastico" by Pino Purificato (2004). 


In the meanwhile, he exhibits at the Domus Arte gallery, L'Indicatore, Helios and some others. The painter's personality gets defined year by year, faces are not represented in their somatic features, he represents figure as a whole and he catches pose and details in their foreground. That's what allows the observer to reconstruct faces which, at first, don't seem to be easy to catch. So not the single, elusive, individual face, but the mankind's one. The real consecration in the contemporary world of art is recognized thanks to the plan "Alitalia per l'Arte" which proposes Pennacchini's art both in the international and the foreign airports. He exhibits, in 2002 at Malpensa airport in Milan with personal exhibitions, in 2003 at Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome and, in the same year, in Venice at Marco Polo airport. In 2005, he comes to the United States of America and he's actually on exhibition at Kennedy airport in New York. The "Tango" theme, so rich in creative stimulus and with such a strong lived experience, has marked without any doubt most of his production as a leading thread.

The magic union between brush and dance enchanted the artist and let him become "the painter of tango".In May 2006 he is called to expose at the foyer of the Teatro Capranica in Roma for the 1° Roma Tango Festival. In march 2007 he participates in the modern and contemporary art exhibition VITARTE, in July and August in SMERALDARTE, a pictorial exhibition to which only twelve artists are called , that promotes talents to use to advantage in Italy and in other European countries; in November he participates in ARTE PADOVA 2007.

In early 2008 he exhibits in New York, London and Buenos Aires.

There are many reviews about him, such as "Firma", "Charm" and "Art" which are all magazines of international reputation. His works can be found both in public and private collections in Italy and Germany, France England, Switzerland, U.S.A. , South Africa, Brazil , Argentina and Russia.

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