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Sonia Ricchi

Italian Painter


Sonia Ricchi was born in Como in 1981, She has been so interested in art since she was a child, inspired by his father’s passion for painting.

She attended the Art School of Papa Ratti,Desio (Mi) and she became Teacher of art in 1999. She continued her studies at the ‘Istituto Marangoni” of Milan, guided by the illustrious Professor Aldo Beltrami who introduced Sonia in 2001 at an important exhibition at the Atelier Terpsichore in Milan.

That year, moreover, one of her sculpture was selected for an exibithion in Venice coordinated by Professor Aldo Beltrami.

In 2003 she has taken part in the competition exhibition “Gruccia” offered by the group Max Mara and her sculpture was exhibited in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. In 2004 she became Fashion Designer At “Istituto Marangoni”.

The same summer she started the with the “artistic training “AND” Art Nouveau design” taking part at an exhibition in a Solaro in a place very popular among young people, presenting her first materic works of materic and design objects, furnishings elements and three-dimensional painted shapes that evert from the canvas after to the processing of polyurethane. In 2012 she exhibited her artistic works at a famous store in Merate (LC) called “Il progetto” which is considerably devote to contemporary design.

Today she continues her artistic career with her materic and coloured style. She approaches to color, and try to create a relationship between herself and the surface on which she operates, mixing canvas with resins and fillers and creating the right size for her way to interpret colour, using pure and bright colors, often polish or acrylic.

Her works are the most genuine and real expression of colours and shapes release.


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