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Italian Artist


Painter, sculptor and street artist, Mastro talks about moods and social tensions.

Mastro presents his art trough “Architele”:  those artworks are the artistic response and aesthetic resolution of all that processes that have human instincts as protagonists: love, passion, tension, changes of mood related to enduring or temporary situations.

These latest works of the versatile artist based in Milan, represent the “Insight” of the author, who has always solved technical issues with genius.


Architele, as they are skin, tend, twist, contract: on their surface appears emptiness that simulate breaths held by an emotion or lumps in one'sthroat that don't let you


No colors, just black and white with traces of red; lights and shadows working on the surface, on the elements that arise and sink into the canvas, sometimes spheres or half-spheres with reflective surfaces which refer to our constant need to reflect on what we want or to our distorted vision of reality.

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