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Sciilla Felici

Italian Digital Painter


Scilla Felici was born in Livorno in 1974.

Attrition of material and harmony of spirit. One of the fundamental tasks of art has always been to communicate some concept or some emotion.

Scilla is particularly interested in the subject and the reason is in front of everyone’s eyes. After all it is knowledge which is the stimulus which accompanies every human being everywhere right from the start, and it is this very knowledge and this fine thread which it follows relentlessly which we are trying to celebrate through her works. In particular it is that form of knowledge which some scholars have defined as Filosofia Perenne, a tradition as antique as the myths whose fulcrum is in the axiom: “ Know yourself”, an indispensible starting point for every departure.

She is very good at restoring antique furniture and creating modern furniture. She is also good at sewing and embroidery and has made clothes and a collection of bags for summer and winter. She is interested in interior design and her dream is to have her own ecologically friendly house and garden, a dream which she shares with her partner.

At present she is using her knowledge of informatics and graphics to create works which are certainly very decorative.

In conclusion Scilla hopes to offer through her works a small sign to stimulate curiosity, the trace of something seen even though hidden, which, despite everything, is able to lead us from attrition to harmony.

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