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The paintings that I would like to exhibit, inspired by marine wildlife and their habitat fit perfectly into the framework of the “FEEDING THE PLANETE, Energy for life” theme. My subjects of the sea life are an essential part of the “food chain” cycle. Sharks, Turtles, Ray Manta, Nautilus, their survival and wellbeing is a reflection of the environment in which they live a wholesome, diverse and healthy environment which guarantees the “food chain” and prevents a decline in marine wildlife. The Nautilus was the very inspiration for Jules Verne who was one of the first to consider wildlife preservation. My paintings of the seabeds are the testimony of the pollution caused by man. The plastic and pollution absorbed by the fish and shellfish end up in our plates. Turtles, crabs, birds and other fish are the first to suffer the consequences of our pollution. All these species are vulnerable and threated.” MICHEL AUBÉRY


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