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Shanghai: “Artworks from Italy and Taiwan”

Taiwanese culture is a unique amalgam of traditional and contemporary, Eastern and Western, and local and foreign cultures.

Throughout Taiwan’s history, whatever the overarching cultural trend of the time, in the arts and culture, native consciousness has asserted itself.

Taiwan’s indigenous groups evolved their unique cultures over millennia.

Sponsored by Amalart and FYR Gallery, the Shanghai Italian Center organized the event:

Artworks from Italy and Taiwan

By mixing traditional and contemporary, Eastern and Western, local and international, Taiwan's & Italian's artists in both the visual and performing arts are exploring different approaches and developing their own unique styles.

Great success of customers and feedback. During the event, an auction with two Amalart’s artworks:

Eye of the Nigth & Hermes

Guido Mori Ubaldini

2012 – Limited Edition Digigraphie®

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