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Human Scan - A journey into people's hearts

Human Scan - A journey into people's hearts (Lorenzo Sala Solo Exhibition)

What do you get when you mix someone’s desires with their past and some items?

Lorenzo Sala, believes that an image should be driven by those being represented in it, for this reason he asked normal people to bring one or more items that are important for them. He also asked them to write down a sentence that explains the link to those items, this sentence will be the title of the image.

Each pose takes about 30 minutes to be created, using a pc scanner the bodies are digitally acquired piece by piece. It’s not a collage of photos, it’s a body reconstructed with a media that uses light and time in a totally different ways. Images get longer, high zones get more illuminated and flattened, and small movements as a breathing is visible thank’s to the trembling on the chest.

W Museum invited Amalart to organize the Solo Exhibition

Human Scan - - A journey into people's hearts

Lorenzo Sala - Italian artist

Solo Exhibition


19th April - 19th May 2017a

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with GMA, Amalart partner.

Great result in the korean media

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Below the photos of the Opening

Below the photos of the installation.

Below the video of the Opening

Lorenzo Sala, empathic, eclectic, in love with photography, this is his instrument to transmit the emotions while playing with light and shadows.

His works are not about sensuality but about intricacy of shapes and expressiveness of bodies, which involves the viewer in a wonderful journey capturing attention and giving satisfaction of aesthetic sense.

Below a selection of the Lorenzo innovative works

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