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Art & Poetry - The Worship of nature

Close to the heart of the Milan's fashion district, a stone's throw from the Duomo, Amalart has the privilege to organize a new solo exhibition of Lee Feng.

Art curators: Edward Xu & Zhao Xiang Wu

The exhibition can be visited free of charge

Monday - Thursday 9.30-17.30

Friday 9.30 16.30

More info about the artist and his works:

"Art & Poetry - the worship of nature" is initialized in 2015.

The entire image of its artistic soul is that the initial aspiration remains unchanged: drawing is a thinking process, a process of continuous evolution and essence of life, revealing the true process of the soul and the strong belief that's been entrusted tho art - leading humans towards a beautiful and hallowed future.

The topic of this exhibit it's the surprise at the limitless beauty of life and anticipation of worldly gods and saints.

Art tool and paraphrases of the unsaid, the silent, the ego and the higher level transcendent peace with energy and Universe. This is the dominant thought capable of crossing language barriers, cultural, personal Feng Lee through his works, he wants to communicate.

More info about Lee Feng here

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