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Art is a beautiful woman - Giuliano Grittini (Positano, Italy)

In collaboration with MIART GALLERY, Amalart is proud to annunce the personal exhibition:

Art is a beautiful woman

Giuliano Grittini

Pinacoteca Civica - Positano

2020 - 29/07-16/08

Beauty, kindness, sweetness: words that are dangerous and powerful at the same time.

Fragility that becomes strength and determination. Giuliano Grittini observes the woman, listens, clips instant, leaving the expressions of the faces that tell a complex universe.

He does so through his refined technique capable of speaking of a world as difficult to understand as the female one.

Women are on the move, they make their lives research and discovery; they are weak and confused, they are strong and determined. Are beautiful.

Grittini presented some of his extraordinary works, including those presented below:

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